•  It is time to train the dogs. It is good time to visit our husky-farm. Take your time to cuddle the dogs and meanwhile i will tell you husky stories, about their training and daily life with this lovely and active dogs. Afterwards we will sit in the cousy tiipii, enjoy in open fire coffee/tee/or hot coco and traditional carelian pie with the egg butter.
  • Leila phone: +358 405715837  email: leila@kotaloma.com


Unforgettable experience in North-Karelian wilderness

We huskies provide you with a unique and unforgettable sleigh ride experience in the North Karelian wilderness. We keep our pace slow enough for you to enjoy the fresh air and silent snowy nature. All tours include a cozy moment by a fireplace with authentic local delicacies 

Welcome to ride with us huskies and observe our way of action!

Dog sled tours in the North Karelian wilderness


      About us

We huskies live as family members together with Leila.

Leila will let you know about our life in the yard of the traditional North Karelian house from the 1920's. Most of our dog sled tours begin from the yard but we also ride around Koli and north of lake Pielinen.

In addition to our basic tours we also offer special experiences tailored for you like wedding rides and birthdays. 

Contact us and book a husky sleigh tour!

Contact us and book your unique experience with us Huskies!