Unforgettable experiences in the wilderness!


What's included?

After a safety briefing, we will take a few huskies for a walk in the woods. You will experience how strong they pull. We will attach you to the husky with a walking belt and lead. There will be 1 or 2 people to each dog. The husky walk is weather dependent.

When we return to the kennel you'll get to spend time with the dogs in their environment. You'll see the unique personalities of the Huskies during the visit. All the dogs have their own spirits!

At the end of you're visit to the kennel you have the opportunity to enjoy snacks and drinks in the tiipii around the campfire while hearing all about the huskies' lives.

Price: Adults 35 €.

Kids 6 to 12 years old 15€.

                                                                      Under 5 years old free

Sledge Tours

Welcome to the Wild Woods Husky Sled tours! Huskies are waiting eagerly to take you on an unforgettable experience through the snowy landscapes in the West of Finland. 

We start the dog sled rides from the yard of our Husky Home so after the sled ride you can see how huskies live when they are not on the go and how tightly they belong to our family.

Take off times of the tours and the Husky Farm Visit can be fitted to your schedules. Contact us to book your Husky experience!

What is included in the tours?

On our tours you can ride the sled yourself. Leila will give you instructions how to safely ride a sled and guides the whole tour.

You will need warm winter clothes and shoes with you. if necessary, you can also borrow overalls and thermal boots from us.

All tours and the Farm Visit include a cozy moment by the fire either in a Lapland's hut in our yard or in a wilderness hut during the tour.

We offer you a real Finnish pan coffee, tea, and hot chocolate as well as something tasty to eat.

After the ride you'll have plenty of time to pet the dogs, thank them for the ride and to participate in taking care of them. You'll see how the huskies live and how closely they belong to our family.

Welcome to Sled Tours!